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What is Umulati?

Umulati is a platform that you will start or grow easily with in affiliate marketing, by given access to affiliate programs and a personal web page that allows you to promote product's effectively and efficiently.

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Umulati Advantages

Personal page

It's your own shop without fees! gather your products and start promoting.


"Better understand your audience", to help outcome your challenges with the data about customers and your page.

One link only !

one link is sufficient to reach all products, gather your products in your page and share the link


Need a hand ? With explore page where all products and marketers gather you can reach the top !

Access to affiliate programs

Don't bother yourself we got you, we will grant you access to all affiliate programs you need.


How to get started with Umulati ?

1-creating your own account.

2-choose your account plan.

3-look for affiliate programs you need.

4-add products to your page.

5-start promoting and get your commission.

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SAR 0.00/Monthly
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Personal page


SAR 49/Monthly
SAR 490/Yearly

Unlimited Products

Preference in Explore

Customize personal page

Advanced Dashboard

asked questions?

What is Umulati ?

Umulati is playing the third party role between you and the retailer so you can have access to affiliate programs easily and publish your product in your own page.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy, the process is where affiliates earn a commission by promoting a product.

How to get started with Umulati ?

You can start with Umulati by following these steps:
1. creating your own account.
2. choose your account plan.
3. look for affiliate programs you need.
4. add products to your page.
5. start promoting and get your commission.

What Umulati Provide?

Umulati provides platform for affiliate marketing and let you grow your business as you have your own page , dashboard and explore page that will help you. so what are you waiting for ? Let's do it !

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